"Over 2000 Lawn Installations Completed"

Professionally Installed Synthetic Grass in Perth

Are you looking for an affordable, high quality, durable, child & pet-friendly, toxin-free, and 100% Australian Made synthetic lawn? Then choose Rex Turf!

Over 2000 Installations - Guaranteed!

Rex Turf PTY LTD has installed over 2000 synthetic lawns all throughout Perth, all backed up with up to 10 years warranty, and CSIRO tested.

Proudly Perth Owned & Operated

For over a decade, Rex Turf has made a mark in supplying high-quality artificial turfs and synthetic lawns to homes and businesses in Perth. This company doesn’t only focus on providing cost-effective, durable, pet-friendly, and high-quality lawns but also make sure that every installation is done entirely in line with Australian Standards.

One of the most significant contributions Rex Turf has made in Perth's residents is making every homeowner’s lawns looking plush, fresh and green all throughout the years. Families & businesses continue to enjoy the vast amount of money they save on choosing synthetic grass made by Rex Turf over another turf that requires consistent watering, fertilisations, and maintenance.

Up to 10 Years Warranty - No Gimmicks, No Fuss!

At Rex Turf, we design our artificial grass to last for the long haul. In fact, we believe in our product so strongly that we back it with a 10-year warranty! That means you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong—and if it does, we’ll take care of it for the first 10 years!

To get started, phone us on 1800-055-172 or submit an enquiry or quote request using the form below. We’ll get back to you, usually in 1 business day or less.

Your Ultimate Source for Residential & Commercial Lawns in Perth

Everyone loves a good-looking garden. But let’s face it: They’re a lot of hard work. All too often, a good-looking garden falls into disarray, with the plush greenery dying, becoming discoloured, or soaking up way too much water. That’s where artificial lawns from Rex Turf come in!

With Rex Turf, you can have a plush and green lawn all year long, with none of the maintenance that comes with a natural lawn! Our synthetic grass is soft and feels good underfoot, so your family, friends, children, and pets will all love your new garden—both in how it looks and feels!

All our synthetic lawns are passionately manufactured both for residential and commercial clients in Perth and surrounding areas. Backed with up to 10 year-warranty, & free lawn consultation, what else can you ask for?

Top 8 Reasons Why Customers Choose Rex Turf Over Other Turf Companies

There are great reasons why homeowners and businesses in Perth prefer Rex Turf and some of them are but not limited to:

  • Perth’s largest outdoor artificial lawn display
  • Offers wholesale supply for landscapers, gardeners and installers
  • Rex Turf have completed more than 2,000 Synthetic Lawns Installations
  • Provides durable, high quality, pet & child pet-friendly, & cost effective artificial lawns backed with up to 10 years warranty
  • All installers are fully employed, licensed and insured. No contractors at all.
  • Offers no interests finance to all customers
  • Provides complete and easy installation guide on all synthetic grass with excellent lawn care and maintenance guidelines
  • Provide free fast quotes, and free artificial lawn consultation with no gimmicks, no fuss – totally FREE, no obligation!

Why Rex Turf’s Artificial Lawn?

  • Family and Pet Friendly: Worried your kids or your dogs won’t be as happy to play on artificial turf? Think again. With Rex Turf, everyone will be more than happy with the results. Child, family, and pet friendly, our artificial turf has everything you want from natural, soft grass and more.
  • Zero Maintenance: Our Turf Grass has everything you love about a natural lawn, plus, they are maintenance free! You no longer need to fret about whether or not your lawn is getting enough water, or mow it when it grows too high. Just enjoy everything you love about having a well-groomed and good-looking lawn, with none of the work.
  • Looks Realistic: Our artificial grass looks incredibly realistic! With a four-colour gradient in the turf, we manufacture our grass with the understanding that natural grass does not come in just one tone. This colour gradient allows the depth and appearance of natural grass, with a soft and plush feel, and none of the maintenance!
  • Stays Green, Fresh and Plush All Year Round: If you have a natural lawn, then you probably know how frustrating it can be when the grass dies, and your lawn begins to look discoloured. With rex turf, this is no longer a concern! Regardless of the season, the amount of rain, the intensity of the heat, or anything else going on in the environment, your grass will stay plush and green all throughout the years and even more!

As you can see, there are tons of reasons to love artificial lawn! It comes with all the benefits of natural grass and more—with none of the drawbacks

8 Varieties of 100% Australian Made Artificial Grasses - Only from Rex Turf

With more than ten years’ experience, Rex Turf manage to supply the demands of customers on Residential & Commercial artificial lawns. The company is now providing and supplying Perth’s residents and businesses with different types of synthetic grasses such as.

What is the right type of Synthetic grass for you?

Choosing the right type of synthetic grass for your home or business can be a little tricky, but Rex Turf has put an end to it. So if you need advice on what type of synthetic lawn you should choose, contact us or book a FREE artificial grass consultation by clicking this link.

On the other hand to be able to get some ideas on which artificial lawn should you choose on your next projects, please continue reading. Below we have outlined the different types of grasses Rex Turf offers. Enjoy reading, and contact us if you need help!

Buffalo Synthetic Grass

If you are looking for a realistic yet affordable synthetic grass, then Buffalo is right for you. Synthetic Buffalo lawn provides the ultimate practicality with its four colour tone and hushed shine. This premium artificial grass product features a bright green face yarn with a tan thatch. Learn more about this premium product by clicking this link.

Deluxe Artificial Turf

If you prefer a lawn that is super plush with maximum cushioning, then deluxe artificial turf is perfect for you. This product features a stunning colour and soft touch. Just like buffalo synthetic grass, deluxe is also realistic though it’s soft and comfy to touch. Find out more about this beautiful product by visiting this page.

Fresh Lawn Artificial Grass

This type of synthetic grass looks very natural, and it’s best to match with real plants in your lawn. If you want to achieve that natural environment feels in your home or office, fresh lawn artificial grass is perfect for you. Check out this page to learn more about this beautiful fresh lawn synthetic grass.

Meadow Artificial Grass

This type of artificial grass is perfect for an addition to any landscape design. The fine curly fibres on meadow artificial turf give an uncanny natural look for lawns, landscapes and commercial spaces. Similar to other synthetic grasses, the meadow is also affordable, durable and child and pet-friendly. Click this link if you are interested to find out more about artificial meadow turf in Perth.

Savannah Artificial Grass

If you are looking for a beautiful synthetic grass to put on your bare ground tile, Savannah is perfect for you. This stunning-looking artificial lawn with natural colours and high profile is not only durable but also affordable and toxin free. If you are eager to learn more about this product, please visit this page.

Snowflake Synthetic Grass

This type of artificial grass is one of the most common turf's offering excellent value for money. With snowflake, you will get that plush and green lawn all year round with zero maintenance. With snowflake artificial grass, you will not only save money, time and effort; you will also get 25% cooler lawn.

Sunrise Artificial Grass

If you love the feel of daylight on your lawn, then sunrise is the best grass to choose! Designed with a sunlit tone to revitalise any landscape. Among other synthetic grasses, Sunrise is the most vibrant product in the Rex Turf range. It brings your landscaping to life with the advanced new sunlit design. Interested in buying this product? Visit this page or contact us for more info.

Sunset Synthetic Grass

This artificial grass is designed to duplicate natural grass with its slightly small appearance. If you are looking for a beautiful summer lawn, this is the perfect grass for you. Its amber yellow thatch nearly touches the top of the fibres giving it the look of a natural summer lawn. To get this product, just contact Rex Turf, or you may click this link for more info.

What Customers are saying about Rex Turf?

We are pleased with our new lawn. The garden has been transformed from a harsh concrete outlook into a beautiful paradise. The children and grandchildren have already given their seal of approval! Maria Wilson

I just wanted to thank you Rex and your team for the recent installation to my back garden. I’m already getting compliments from my neighbours, friends, and visitors and of course from the closest people to my heart - my family. Hannah Stewart

See our recently installed lawns in Perth and surrounding areas by visiting our Gallery Page.

Need help in choosing the right synthetic grass for your home or business? Contact us today or call us at 1800 055 172

Specifications of Our Synthetic Lawns

premium sunset synthetic lawn


Our Deluxe synthetic grass is our most realistic artificial lawn in every way featuring stunning colour and soft touch. Super plush with maximum cushioning

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quality fake buffalo lawn


Ultra realistic with its S blade and four colour tone our premium Buffalo synthetic grass is great for high traffic areas.

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cheap fake lawn


The new Rex Turf Meadow artificial lawn will be a welcome addition to any landscape design.

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low profile sunset turf


With its bright fresh tones and W shaped blades Fresh synthetic lawn is suitable for homes and businesses and looks great all year.

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premium sunset synthetic lawn


The stunning Sunset synthetic lawn offers a truly naturally looking lawn with its muted shine and four colour tone finish.

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quality fake buffalo lawn


Now even cooler, Snowflake has quickly become one of our most popular synthetic grasses offering great value for money.

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cheap fake lawn


Our affordable and resilient low shine Sunrise artificial lawn will look good in any front or backyard Simply Stunning.

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low profile sunset turf


The Savannah turf is a beautiful looking artificial lawn with natural colours and high profile.

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