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Putting Greens

At Rex Turf Artificial Lawn, we provide the best artificial putting greens in Perth. Our high-quality, durable, putting greens comes at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Plus, we guarantee professional installation and the Rex Turf customer service that our clients have come to depend upon.


Family Owned & Operated

Rex Turf Artificial Lawn is a family-owned and operated company that has been providing both homes and businesses in Perth and the surrounding areas with the best artificial putting greens for over 10 years. Our putting greens in Perth can be indoor, outdoor, commercial, or residential—we are always determined to find a way to give our customers the putting green turf to meet their needs.

CSIRO Tested Artificial Grass

Our putting green turf is incredibly versatile, and with our expertise, we are able to meet the needs of our customers. Our amazing artificial lawns are green, gorgeous, and durable—plus, with a CSIRO test done on every one of our turfs, customers can enjoy their new putting green while knowing that it is free of dangerous toxins and chemicals.

Over 2,000 Lawn Installations

Our putting greens in Perth have been highly tested out against the brutal Australian sun, but we understand that sometimes things happen, and that is why each one of our indoor and outdoor putting greens come with a comprehensive 10 year warranty. This means that we are looking after our customers and their artificial lawns long after the installation process is over. There are over 2,000 lawns and putting greens in Perth that we are looking out for, and the numbers are only growing.

Excellent Customer Service - Guaranteed!

Our experts make sure to help customers every step of the way throughout the installation process, but we also have a DIY option where we can deliver the turf, or the customer can pick it up themselves. From delivery, through installation, and long past when the putting green is installed, the experts at Rex Turf Artificial Lawn are available to help.

Best Price Guaranteed

One of the things that we pride ourselves most on is the low cost of our putting green turfs. While our competitors may jack up the pricing in order to make the most money with the least amount of labour, we are determined to help our clients get the best price for their new turf. This is why we provide a free quote for any job, and we guarantee that we will beat any quote on purchase and installation of putting greens in Perth.

Low Maintenance

Our putting green turfs are incredibly low-maintenance and easy to take care of. They stay beautiful throughout many years of people using the putting green—this is the beauty of our services. Maintenance of the turf boils down to hosing it off every once in a while and raking it with a flexible lawn rake once a month to keep the turf looking clean and natural.

Wholesale & Interest FREE Finance

We provide wholesale prices to landscaper, Gardener and turf installer. Not only that, we also provide interest free finance. Contact us now for more info.

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With a quick quote, quick installation time, and interest-free payments, it’s easy to see why Rex Turf Artificial Lawns is the best provider of lawns, putting greens, and Sports Artificial Grass sports turf in Perth.

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